All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved* (Photo credit: no3rdw)

I just clicked on a picture that I found on Tumblr. It took me to the Photograher/ Artist’s Website that took the photo. Just for fun, I right clicked on the photo, as if to download it, and THIS is what I got:

This photo is All Rights Reserved

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Cool. I respect that.

Was THAT so hard?

Just wondering, since I’ve read pages and pages of comments from outraged photographers who complain that their work is being exploited, and as one guy put it

“I can’t wait to sue the pants off anyone that uses my photos. Bring it.”

My point ( I do have one)…is this: Photographers from around the world, can’t you just protect your work if you don’t want  me others using it? The Look-But-Don’t-Touch-thingy doesn’t work well for this  blogger. ♫You got me beggin’ you for mercy. Why don’t you release me?♫

*Note: if there’s something I’m missing here, I would sincerely love to know.

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27 thoughts on “All Rights Reserved*

  1. Interesting. I bet most photographers don’t know how to do that. Maybe I’m wrong. I guess if they are trying to sell their photos somewhere, they don’t want someone to be able to just download it and print it off at Mike’s Camera…? I can see that point.

    • Dear Jenni,
      This is my point.
      If you don’t want that, then figure out how to protect your work. I totally get why they don’t want people to do it if they are trying to sell, but then…PROTECT!
      You know?
      Just wondering why others don’t do it.
      Love, Lis

      • I wonder if it is a technology issue – that people don’t know quite how to protect it? Who knows…I would love for people to use my work with the proper credit and I would love some day to sell some of it, espcially now that I have a snazzy real camera! All of this is new territory to me and I bet to others as well.

        • Dear Jenni,
          You do a BEAUTIFUL job with your pictures! And, I’m sure you are right, about the technology thing. But here’s my beef. Doesn’t it take as much time to be angry, and then to go and SUE someone, as it would to just figure out how to protect your pictures?
          It seems crystal to me, but I would love to know if I’m missing something. I was hoping to get a photographer’s standpoint on this, one that does protect their photos. Just to find out, is it hard to do? Costly? Why do so few do it?
          Anyway I canNOT wait to see your snazzy camera pics!
          Love, Lis

          • I think that you just put a copyright on it, but people can still download them and print them, I suppose. I would never sue anyone over it, but it would be a little frustrating for a photo that I took to become famous somehow with no credit for the brilliant artist! 😉 I will be interested to hear from other photographers, because I am just starting and learning all of this…And thanks for the kudos!! 🙂

          • Actually, now that I hin of it the biggest fear is probably someone downloading my photos and taking credit for them…especially if for some reason they become famous. Of course I would welcome such problems! 😉 But for real photographers, this could be an issue.

  2. This is just plain stupid. If there are photographers who don’t want to share their work, they should put it in boxes in the attic. I have written books that sell in used book stores: I don’t get a penny, but I am happy that someone wants to read what I wrote — all three of those people!

  3. I see it from both sides… I honestly do. But an obvious disclaimer of “piss off these are mine all rights reserved” would be achieve much more than a in the.bottom right.hand.corner.

    Ps love the cover version

    Pps why did they put the fullstop next tobthe space button on these bloody phones.

    • Dear J,
      So..I totally get you, but here it is. Everyone needs to do what this person did that I blogged about. I tried to download…and I couldn’t. See? problem solved! I moved right along. It’s the ones I CAN download, that tempt me.
      Ps do you mean my new LOOK? The balloons?
      Pps I have no idea why they design these bloody phones the way the do. I’ve taken to just not commenting on my phone. But then, I can’t get to my comments the way I like to.
      ppps I wonder how many of these I can do before it’s just wrong.
      pppps It’s startin to look wrong.
      ppppps I need to stop.

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