These are my everyday balloons

“Kramer, these balloons aren’t going to stay filled ’til New Year’s.”“Those aren’t for New Year’s. Those are my everyday balloons.”– Jerry and Kramer, in “The Millennium”

I changed themes little friends. I do this to my house, too.Β Move my furniture around all the time, and confuse my family. So, don’t bump your knee on the coffee table in the middle of the night my blogging buddies! Look around, get your bearings.β™₯


28 thoughts on “These are my everyday balloons

    • Dear B,
      O man!!!
      I should have done that song!
      You are too smart for me.
      And, I haven’t gotten back to your comment over at your place yet, but, I am so glad MY comment made you so happy.
      You deserve it.
      Your blog says so much about who you are as a person. And I you are the kind of girl, I don’t have to meet, to know we would be having to do lunch at least twice a week.
      Did that make any sense?
      Love, lis

  1. This is strange. I could’ve sworn I’d seen every Seinfeld episode at least 4 or 5 times. I have no memory of these balloons. I’m losing it!

  2. Nooooooo that was the theme I was going to change to! Can’t do it now, can’t have my blog looking like your one! πŸ˜›

    Back in the day, before blogging existed, I had a webpage that ran pretty much on a blog structure. I would spend a disproportionate amount of time on designing the theme. While I’m in confession mode, I also have the compulsion to rearrange furniture, it happens a lot!

    Nice theme hehe πŸ™‚ Now you got it first, I think it’s a clear message I should get off my behind and get designing again. I’ve been meaning to, let’s see how long it takes me..I also get hooked and can’t put it down to sleep etc…oh dear look what you’ve done πŸ˜›

  3. Snappy! I did bump my knee once, but I :)put ice on it and it’s OK. Seinfeld: one of the funniest shows ever. I think the writers on “The Big Bang Theory” used to write for Jerry — or they were raised on Seinfeld. There are echoes on the latter shows of the former!! πŸ™‚

  4. No one enters a room like Kramer. He is like personified helium keeping with your script. Thanks for reading one of my posts. Best regards, BTG (aka Old Fart)

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