Oh no you DIDN’T!

Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) in her kitchen and a...

My Facebook status yesterday

I just busted an old dude *littering* in my town. Throwin crap outta his car as he putzed down main.

My daughter hid as I confronted him.

I do feel sorry for my kids. But come ON!! Littering is so 1977.

For clarification, we live in a very small town. I call it Mayberry, like the small, lazy town on the Andy Griffith show. Kids ride bikes with fishing poles strapped on their backs, mothers push strollers full of kicking babies on quiet sidewalks, and shop owners really do wave at you as you drive by. It is a wonderful place to live and raise children.

Chucking stuff out your window is just BatPoop Crazy. Seriously, buddy, I’m right behind you going 15 miles an hour. Real smooth. I went a little AUNT BEA on this guy, and like all of my thoughts and actions, they must be shared. Facebook works well for small outbursts like these.

My friend, who went to school with me, posted THIS on my wall, in response to my status. Thank you MW, you are one crazy dude. Very entertaining.Just outside [Mayberry] today , Retired 5th grade Hall Monitor Carr is seen chasing down said subject for a Gobstopper wrapper violation….

Unfortunate Geezer was apprehended and taken into custody while the hoveround was impounded….

Carr’s daughter is yet to speak to her, we think she is still hiding….


15 thoughts on “Oh no you DIDN’T!

  1. I have never understood why people litter – well done Lisa.
    I’ve just spent 5 mins on google trying to find out who Aunt Bea is though! Ha ha ha!

  2. In my meditation class a man shared how he was sitting on a riverbank , living the moment when a young girl threw her empty bottle in the river, the beautiful river for heavens sake! Bloody hell as we say in Australia. Shocked, he said he imagined a gargabe truck backing up into her bedroom and tipping all her past rubbish into her room,.because Sydney is not a small town it can be risky to speak up!!! So imagination had to do in his case.Another woman saw a man throw his empty cigarette pack on the ground so she tapped him on the shoulder, smiled beautifully and said “Sir, you just dropped your cigarettes on the ground” making like she thought the packet was full. He turned and picked them up! What are people thinking? 😦

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