This is an amazing post. Know-it-Alls: You don’t know it ALL.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

The Today Show recently fired Ann Curry from the top female anchor position.  Ever since she got the coveted job, she had been affected and stiff.  Her wardrobe had gone from normal to strange, but that is not a reason to fire somebody, and I contend that she is not the problem with the Today Show.  The problem is Natalie Morales.  She’s a big know-it-all.

Whenever she interviews a guest, she interrupts the person mid-sentence to explain what they’ve just said and to add her own two cents.  She laughs at her own jokes, when nobody else is laughing, and I am just plain tired of her mind-numbing commentary on every issue.  She’s the “reporter” and not the expert.  I think she has those two roles confused.

My students sometimes confuse their roles in the classroom.  They sometimes think they are the experts and become know-it-alls.  In one instance, a…

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