Treat Me Nice

I love how the universe gets messages to me. I really do. Yesterday, I poked fun at THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL. I didn’t think two things about it.

Until today.

I couldn’t get my regular radio station to come in. All static. How odd.
So, I fiddled until I could get a signal. Guess what song was playing?
Don’t be Cruel by Elvis Presley. Hmmmm. I’m not totally Berserkers until I switch the channel, going about my business, only to find myself singing..”You were always on my Mind……you were always on my…WHAT?!”

Call me weird. I call it a sign.

My official apology:

Dear Elvis,

In whatever reality you are dwelling in at the moment,
I sincerely apologize. Who am I to talk about chubbiness? And addiction? I’ve been known to knock over small children and elderly folks to get to Diet Coke.
Also, I actually don’t hate your sleeping as a diet plan approach. I’d love to do it, but I have small children who rely on clean laundry, dinner, and hugs…. like everyday.
Please accept my apologies. You were amazing. Did you know, I play your Christmas album every year? It’s one of those things my kids will always remember as being part of our family traditions.
Your forever nice fan,
Lisa A. Carr


26 thoughts on “Treat Me Nice

  1. LOL poor Elvis, he’s probably glad not to have to contend with crazy fans anymore. You always make me laugh with your otherly take on life! But then it’s probably not you but the universe as you say… 😉

    • dear Hugh,
      I KNOW you do!!!
      And I appreciate it!
      And I know everyone always thinks how awesome it would be to that talented and famous….I’m not so sure.
      I’m actually kind of glad my kids have average talent. I wouldn’t wish the world of show business on them, or anyone else I care about.
      I suppose some can handle it, but I think most of them lead pretty unstable lives.
      Thanks for the comment!

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