Blinding me with SCIENCE

This molecule of water was exposed to the words, 
Love and Gratitude. How gorgeous is this? There's a 
Japanese Scientist that has a super sonic expensive high-
speed microscope. He is looking at water after being
exposed to different words and music.

When the Water was exposed to the words, "You Make Me Sick". 
Icky, right?
This photo is of the water after being in the same room 
where Mozart was playing. Here's the conclusion: 
If words and music can have this effect on
water....and our bodies are made up..of WHAT percentage of water?
Like...93%? What do words we hear, or tell ourselves, or music
we listen to, do to OUR BODIES?

My mind is officially blown. 

This is amazingly wonderful news!
I'll keep you updated with more information as I get it, but 
please go check it out for yourself. This is cutting
edge awesomeness. It's Science, which I hated every
second of the school day, but I LOVE this.
*I found this fabulous info on Dr. Emoto's Website.
** But first I found it on a movie called, What the Bleep do we Know?

7 thoughts on “Blinding me with SCIENCE

  1. Fascinating! I have known about the effect of good vibes on plants and the effects of music on so-called “primitive” people. But this is new! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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