Legal Schmegal

Art by Daniel Danger

I just added a new page. I’m finding 99% of photographers to be an awesome bunch. I’m only posting pictures I can link back to the artist. But, I’m not going back to all my other posts. I’m just not. After much thought and research, that’s the conclusion I came to. When you KNOW better, you DO better.

I’m a good person. I put out pretty good energy. I don’t expect any problems. And I love Diet Coke. Which is beside the point. And totally not related.

See? Who could sue such a disorganized girl?

Here’s my DISCLAIMER. ya… you have to click to see it. I triple-dog dare you.

11 thoughts on “Legal Schmegal

    • Dear Steph,
      No….don’t let it keep you up!
      Photograhers are awesome.
      And, I think most of them just want to be credited.
      Which is how I feel about my words.
      If someone wants to use them…..I hope they do.
      And I would love for them to give me credit.
      If they don’t….I won’t sue. That’s just not me.
      I didn’t used to link the source before, I didn’t think two things about it.!!
      Now I know!
      And there really are super kind photographers out there!!!!
      Love, Lis

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