Confessions of a Silly Girl

Photo by Cristina Garcia Rodero

I am:

Love letters, like this one:

Dear Jesse, as the moon lingers a moment over the bitterroots, before its descent into the invisible, my mind is filled with song. I find I am humming softly; not to the music, but something else; some place else; a place remembered; a field of grass where no one seemed to have been; except a deer; and the memory is strengthened by the feeling of you, dancing in my awkward arms. -Norman Maclean

Harry Potter books. Over and over and over again. Especially when I’m going through a difficult time. J K’s words are like a healing balm to me.

Books. Period.

Quotes. Like this one: My candle burns at both ends It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends – It gives a lovely light . Edna St. Vincent Millay, “A Few Figs from Thistles”, 1920

Christmas Eve. And Christmas morning.

The mom who does all the voices when reading to kids.

Meryl Streep. I absolutely adore her in everything she does. Which leads me to:

Mama Mia, the movie. It got horrible reviews. I don’t even care. And shame on them. Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep were perfect. Don’t even tell me they weren’t. This could be THE movie that everyone in my party of five loves. Mama I go again! I’m not sure if I love it so much because THEY love it so much, or the other way around. But I really do think it’s one of the best feel good movies of all time.

Guns n’ Roses. I love alllllll music.Very eclectic.  But if you can’t admit the 80’s were the BEST, I don’t know if we can be friends. Unless your name is Magen.

Breakfast for Supper on Sunday nights.

Cold Cereal in the middle of the night. I recommend Frosted Flakes.

Dancing. In my kitchen, at weddings, yard parties, and bat mitzvahs, if I were ever invited.

Long talks till 2 in the morning about the theories of the meaning of life, and song lyrics over bloody mary’s.

Really old ripped Low-Rise Jeans and faded T-shirts.

No Shoes. Flip flops are a staple.

A lover of song lyrics and quotes, and movie dialogues.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation as a one woman show. All the parts.

Failure to launch.  Still living like a college student. Trying to remember to pick my clothes up off the floor, and that pizza shouldn’t be eaten for every meal. Kids need veggies. And a role model.

I am NOT:

Into shallow folks that just want to be surfacy.

Small talk.

Football, Baseball, Car Racing, Hockey, Boxing, Golf, Tennis…ok..really anything Sporty…on tv.

Talk of veins and needles, unless I’m about to die, or having a kid.

A carnivore.  I start thinking about the blood, muscles, veins, and the part of the animal the cut of meat came from, and get grossed out beyond belief.  And then I go down the road of, this poor thing is someone’s baby. Please do not prod me on this one. I still fix meat for my family, it’s just not my favorite, and I am at a stage of trying to figure out how I feel about the whole thing. In other words, watch out. I’m as slippery as a banana on the floor on this subject.

Birds kept in cages. Really, I hate any animal to be kept in a cage. Every morning, I walk by a dog that is kept in his kennel 24/7. One day I may let him out. And run, because I think he’s mean, which isn’t his fault. I’d be mean, too…if I were him.

People who have no intention of making their life better, but really like to talk about how crappy it is.

Cold, dark basements. You can’t tell me there’s not nasty spirits that decided to stick around just to scare people living down there.

Reality shows on tv. Someday when I’m old and cannot move, or see, or know where I am,  I may change my mind.

Planning. But I should be. It really sucks to run out of toilet paper when you have house guests.

*A sincere thanks to Madame Weebles. Her POST inspired this. I have way too much fun on her blog. Bloody Brilliant!!! (Look!  All these English girls are rubbing off on me:)

16 thoughts on “Confessions of a Silly Girl

  1. Love this!!!!!! What a fun list! I saw Mama Mia from the third row center in London about 10 years back – it cost me a fortune and I am probably still paying the bill but SO worth it!!!

  2. Apologies for being so late to this party! First, thanks for the shoutout! I enjoy your lists of what you are and are not. I also like the word “surfacy.”

    What is it about Harry Potter books that’s so soothing? I feel the same way but I don’t know why.

    • Dear Madame,
      It’s ok!!!
      Thanks so much for the inspiration.
      It seems like once in awhile, it’s just good to take note of all the things you love, and don’t love.
      And guess what…Spell check HATED my surfacy word!! hahahaha!!!
      But, now that I”m getting older, I just seem to have less and less time for people that won’t delve any deeper than the shallows.
      And as far as JK goes..I don’t know!!! My family must feel the same way, though. They’ve re-read her thousands of times, too.
      I feel as though I know Harry, and Mrs. Weasly…the whole bunch. I feel like they are my family!
      It’s pretty weird.
      Love, Lis

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