Seven Drunken Nights

Vegas in the summer. It seems like the craziest idea ever. There aren’t too many places on the earth that get much hotter. Well, maybe the Sahara Desert, and I’ll admit I haven’t been there.

Usually my husband and I go to Sin City in February, when South Dakota winters are brutal. We leave our airport in a blizzard and below zero temperatures, travel for 2 hours, and step off the plane to 70 degree weather, and flowers blooming.

Who wouldn’t LOVE that?

I’m not sure what started the leaving 90 weather back home to go to 113 degree weather in Vegas. I think it was because it’s our anniversary in August. The first time we did it, I was pregnant with the Littlest.

We left the airport to get a taxi, and the heat sort of blew up at me. One thing about having a belly that big…in that kinda heat…people get outta the way.

I was fine. I actually loved it. Summer in Vegas brings out the most interesting people.

You’ve got your normal crazies…and then you’ve got the Summer Crazies. And they are super fun to watch.

Ever since that summer, we have gone back. Making our once a year Vegas habit into Twice a year.

We stay at the Venetian, where Phantom of the Opera has played for years. There’s a place, on the fourth floor, that I don’t think everyone knows about. It’s this secret garden, with a pool. The first time I wandered into this little desert oasis, I thought I was dreaming.

And, you kind of get treated like a celebrity. It’s like..

You found it! You must be smart. Here’s your reward. Have another drink.

We have a lot of things we HAVE to do while we are there. But one of them, is going to  The Nine Fine Irishmen at the New York, New York.

Anyone who would build a pub in Ireland, ship it to America, and install it in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, must be either a fool or a bleedin’ genius.

I’m goin’ with genius.

And the best part ever….is the band, Sin É Rí-Ra.  Which is an Irish Language expression for a Great Time, Mayhem or Wild Party.

I’m a groupie. I admit it. Every time we go there, by some crazy luck, or Irish luck…our table is waiting for us. Best spot in the house. One time I had to sweet talk the waiter a little bit, but we still got our spot.

This is them, singing Seven Drunken Nights. Warning…it’s not exactly PG 13. If you are under 18…..veer away from this song NOW.

If you are under 18, I hope you veered. If you didn’t….please don’t be scarred for life.

I don’t play favorites. But if I did…the guy on the far left would be it. He’s the lead singer, and why he isn’t disgustingly rich and famous and snotty…I have no idea.

Every time…I sing loudly, and whoop and holler, and drink beer like it’s water.

And every time I ask the waiter for a piece of paper and pen. To which my husband rolls his eyes, and laughs.

I write the band a love letter. A sappy, drippy, starry-eyed letter to which I proclaim my love for them. I make my way to the front…and hide it somewhere. Sometimes the tip jar. Last time, I tucked inside their music.

I may have to do that little spot again. Because I got the voyeuristic pleasure of watching the lead singer find it. Watched him read it. Watched him smile, and look out into the crowd, and then show it to his drummer.

It’s the small things in life.

My dream is to make it till the end of their final set…at like 2:30. Vegas is behind us 2 hours, and we’ve never been able to go past 1:00 OUR time, which is like 11:00 THEIR time. It always kills me to walk out on them.

Anyway, this year….we can’t do our normal August trip. No secret garden….no Phantom of the Opera…no World’s Most Perfect Band EVER.

It’s ok. I know they will be waiting for me. And this time I may bring a bigger piece of paper, so that I don’t have to write on the back of a blank receipt.

Nah. I love to watch my husband’s exasperated face as I go through the tradition of asking the waiter if he has a piece of paper. I love that it always seems to confuse them.

In the words of Oscar Wilde…

“I can resist everything but temptation.”


15 thoughts on “Seven Drunken Nights

  1. Yeah, Vegas is definitely a fun place! And The Venetian is gorgeous! The first time I went to Vegas, in 1969, it was in the summer – like stepping into an oven. The Sands hotel was where The Venetian is now, and we DROVE to the Denny’s (which I believe is still in the same spot)! We drove to Caesar’s Palace and to The Flamingo for their shows, too. What a difference a few decades make!

    Like you, Lis, I rattle my husband’s chain as often as I can! xoxoM

  2. I looooovvvvve Vegas. LOVE IT. We stay at the Bellagio and have a great time. They have a great spa too.

    You’re the first Vegas band groupie I’ve ever known, though—at least, aside from the old-school Wayne Newton folks. You make me laugh.

    • Dear Madame,
      Nonono!!! YOU make ME laugh!!!
      I’m still telling my friends about your Old Hag Post.
      And the Bellagio!!!
      WE love to watch their water show while eating at Monami Gabi’s!
      Have you ever been?

  3. Sweet story! Awwww I’m just imagining the lovely cosy feeling those guys get from reading your long as it’s not too beer-influenced…otherwise you might find you’ll make it to the end of the show very quickly next time as they make a quick exit out the back lol! You sound like a lot of fun to hang out with 😀

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