I’ve been thinking. About a lot of things. I just gave my whole theory of life to poor Le Clown on one of his blog posts. I say “poor”…because he didn’t even ask for it.

And yet, I give it.

Isn’t that just me? I can’t seem to keep all my thoughts inside. It feels kind of like when I’m trying to pack my suitcase. Stuff keeps falling out. Sometimes….it comes SHOOTING out. Because I can’t keep it all in there. I try to squash it down. But there’s just so much.

Too much.

I thought blogging would help. It didn’t. It made it worse. I read posts that really get me going. Like my friend Brigitte. She posted about getting old. Gravity.

That poor girl got a few paragraphs on my innermost feelings about THAT.

Then, Sword-Chinned did a piece on Dreams. And I over shared on that one, too.

What does it mean?

People are so interesting. The world is interesting…and I love being here. Sharing it with all of you.

Anais Nin has a quote that I LOVE. There’s a cool illustration of it.

Heck. I’m posting it. I can’t find the source. I tried.

O look. It’s by Hurricane Irene. Silly me. There’s the source.

Anyway, I think I am a mermaid.

But watch out. Because it doesn’t matter whether you can breathe under water or not. I’ll try to pull you down with me.

Fair warning.


10 thoughts on “I’m a Mermaid

    1. Dear Brian,
      You ARE talking about Le Clown, right?
      I assumed you were…until I thought..maybe you are one of those people that talks about themselves in the 3rd person.
      And maybe you refer to yourself as Le Chuckles.
      Just checking.

  1. Lis, don’t ever apologize about who you are. You are free to share/reveal what you want. My post was more about getting old-ER and the idea that beauty is only reserved for youth and I ALWAYS welcome your comments — ALWAYS. But this isn’t about me, this is about you — your blog, your musings. Be a mermaid! Some are, some aren’t and that’s okay. Love the quote, love your sweet, sweet spirit, and your honesty. You are great EXACTLY the way you are. :). xxoo

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