It’s Not What you Know…..

The man behind the camera. Isn’t this the BEST picture?

It’s WHO you know. I may just be the luckiest girl in the world. I went to bed the other night, worrying about my blogging posts. I had just posted “Bloggers Beware“…

and all heck broke loose.


What will I do for pictures? My stubborn self had decided…to just be a rebel. A rebel WITH a cause. Spreading beauty, even if I couldn’t find a source to credit.

You may not believe me, but I had a dream. Someone had REblogged me. Good, right? Awesome with awesome sauce, right?!

THAT post….that was REblogged…got FRESHLY PRESSED.

What? What? WHAT?!

I was livid.

Cuss!!! Cussity Cuss Cuss Cuss!!!!!

In my dream, those were real cuss words.

I needed to reconsider this rebel picture posting thing after all.

I turned my pico telofino on, and my Gmail alert went off. A new gorgeous posting from one of my favorite bloggers, Jose. He’s a photographer. I’ve featured him before.

My brain started weaving a plan.

And it worked! YES!

I’ve somehow twisted Jose’s arm into letting me use his amazing photography on my blogs. I have to tell you what his email said. And I really hope he doesn’t mind.

Hi Lisa!

You have my blessing!!

You can link anything you want from my blog, and if you want anything else, I give it to you as well.

Let’s spread the love!


Cool guy, huh? Like my friend Brigitte likes to say…”He’s good people“.

You HAVE to go visit him. I’ve just started reading his Diary Posts. This guy has been places. Cool places. >>>>>>CLICK<<<<<<<<

And I’m the luckiest girl ever. I can’t wait to link his amazing work to my words.

Sometimes, people restore your faith in humanity. That has happened so many times in the 4 months I’ve been doing Carr Party of Five. Did I say I was lucky?

Cuz I am.

7 thoughts on “It’s Not What you Know…..

  1. Look at you spreading and getting the blog lovin.’ Thanks for the mention, friend and now you’ve got plenty of pics. I’ll check this blog out — thank you for that, he looks like a very kind soul — like you. And like Margarita said, we’re lucky too. Thanks, Lis. xxoo

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