I Got Friends

Good morning my Gorgeous Readers! I have to tell you something!

I was totally inspired by my friend Lesley.  Her post: The Importance of Social Media knocked my flip-flops off.

If you didn’t click, I’ll give you the highlights:

Or even if you DID click: *Which by the way….if you are a clicker…good for YOU!  I find that less than 12% of readers actually click on links in my post. How do I know this you may be asking yourself?

I know.

Highlights as promised:

Over at Bucket List….Lesley has over 5 million views, more than 28,000 followers, 2,395 Twitter followers, and 2,770 Facebook followers.

Lesley Carter. One of my favorite inspirational people in the world. AND the person that introduced me to Flogging Molly. To which I am now totally addicted.

I know, right?!

But here’s my favorite part of what she went on to say:

But anything is possible and I’m not content yet! Yesterday, my brother was talking about Perez Hilton so I looked up perezhilton.com on http://www.alexa.com; the site is ranked 1,367 in the world! How does that happen? It’s a blogging site! It also has 18,900 sites linking in, which means that others are doing the advertising just by adding a link. I’m ambitious and when I see stats like that I don’t get disappointed; I get encouraged! We are all capable of achieving such numbers and we can help each other make it happen.


Just wow.

Her attitude is awesome. SHE is awesome. And this article has me buzzing like a bee.

So, Lesley has this Friends Page.

I got inspired. I  made a Friends Page

You can see it if you want to. But you’ll have to CLICK on the link. It’s ok…..it won’t take you to the bad part of town. If you don’t like it, just arrow back to HERE.

I dream of a world where 99% of readers CLICK on links without fear.

And if you go there, you may see YOUR very own blog listed. But if I got distracted because I was drinking coffee while typing, or because I had the Littlest sitting on my lap telling me stories of his dreams last night……..

and somehow overlooked your blog. You could comment. OVER THERE…on the link. And I will add you quick as scat. I can’t promise you over a million page views…..YET. But I’m working on it. I could promise you chocolate cake, though.* And trust me, it’s awesome. (Look! another LINKY!)

It’s scary, I know.

But I believe in you.

*all promises of Chocolate Cake are completely dependent upon your ability to come get said cake.


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In the latest scientific study, people who comment on blogs are 96% sexier than those who don't.

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