Do NOT push that button

I seriously need to pull myself away from this computer. I have swimmy things floating around in my eyes.

I asked my friend Dotty Headbanger about it.

She said it was too much computer.

Which is a relief. Because I thought it was too much Diet Coke.

But I’m just in the happyest* space today about my lovely blogging friends.
Especially the ones that liked me before, when I really stunk and didn’t even separate my words into paragraphs.

I probably separate too much now. I’m over correcting. Oh well. It’s a journey, right?

Well, anyway… dear Dotty that has been my Blogging BFF ever since I started out, has had the brilliant idea of starting a separate blog, made to get you, the average blogger…..


It’s true.

Push this button right here: and go add your blog. It’s a good deal, I promise.

And press FOLLOW.

But, whatever you do, do NOT press THIS button:

I love Dotty.

*Note: Yes, I KNOW I misspelled HappYness. I refuse to drop the Y and add I. It gives me happyness to spell it that way. I would like to urge all readers, Please don’t take the Y out of happy.

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