I love………………….

I love that Jennifer Aniston is and always will be 3 years older than me. It gives me permission to keep trying to look my best at any age.

I love that my dog, Frodo came to my rescue yesterday when the neighbor’s little shelty came at me with her teeth bared. I was sort of in her yard, she was ticked. I don’t blame her, but her little teeth looked super sharp yesterday.

I love these guys.

I love that my girl has my exact sense of humor. The other day she finished 2 of my sentences. And one of them began with….”you know it really turns me off to eating when I see……..”

I love that people always  pay me the compliment…”You smell good!”. I love that they will never know my secret of :

  1. Neutrogena Shower Gel
  2. Nivea lotion. (old formula…the new formula is not the same)
  3. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
  4. And a tiny amount of Calvin’s Eternity.

Wait. Pssssst!!! Don’t tell!

I love that my 5-year old’s favorite song is TNT  by ACDC.

I love long baths that you have to keep adding hot water to.

I love coffee with cream and sugar. Even though I probably shouldn’t.

I love that I have music and movies playing non-stop in this little corner of my brain.

Like this one: Galway Girl by the Elders written by Steve Earle

I love this in my dashboard. Very Muchly.

I love that I have the whole day to create. Whatever kind of day I want to have.

I love this so much, but have no idea why:

But I still don’t really love that the Middler is gone away at camp and didn’t sleep in his own bed last night.



10 thoughts on “I love………………….

    • Dear Sword,
      Yes, yes he is.
      He also loves Hinder.
      Which is cool. But one of these days I may have to lead him away..before he asks me what “Porn Star Dancing” means.
      Love, Lis
      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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