One Grippy to Rule Them All

I have long hair. One time, I experimented with short hair, and it went horribly bad. Never again. I will be 97 years old with hippie hair.

I put my tresses through a lot of fussing.

Because it’s super fun. I spend hideous amounts of money on it. Which has nearly driven my husband crazy. We almost broke up in 1999 over it.

I’m kidding. But he always shakes his head and rolls his eyes at my expensive shampoos, conditioners, and the hundreds of styling products and tools I have to buy to get the perfect super model look.

This look right here, might seem to be effortless.

O no. No no no. This takes much toiling and troubling.

But, I will say, when I am super busy with kids and laundry and bowling tournaments, I resort to throwing it up.

Someday, I will be crying to you over my lack of hair. Because, I think as I get older, it will most likely thin out, if history tends to repeat itself. I have watched this happen to older female family members.

But, for right now, I can say, this much hair can be a curse. Why?

Because there is only ONE kind of ponytail holder that keeps my hair up where it belongs. Everything else breaks, or doesn’t hold it, making me look like I’ve either been through a nasty hurricane and lived to tell about it, or a P90X workout. And lived to tell about it. These little gems are amazing. They are called THE GRIPPYS in our house. I watch over them with care and love. If you were dying, and needed a GRIPPY, I’d have to really think long and hard before loaning one out. You can find them in 3 locations.

1. In my purse/hobo bag (as my husband refers to it)

2. In the drawer that holds pens, tape, nail files, sometimes the stapler, and many times, chewing gum.

3. In my bathroom.

Yesterday, I went to throw my hair into a ponytail. It was 180 degrees out with 200% humidity, and I had to walk the dog.

Do you think I could find any Grippy’s?

I tore through this house like a meth addict looking for…

well, Meth.

I have no experience with meth, but I’m guessing it’s pretty addictive.

All, and I mean ALL my Grippy’s were gone.

What the heck? How could that happen?

It seems like someone is trying to break into my very soul. What’s next? My favorite straightening gel that makes my hair sleek, shiny and rock star-ish?

If you guys have any inkling about what could have happened to all my Grippys….any information at all, please contact me immediately. Yesterday, it was just the dog walking that suffered. Tomorrow, it could be my friend calling for an emergency workout session.

Then what?

Answer me that.


10 thoughts on “One Grippy to Rule Them All

  1. Oh honey, I feel your pain. I have a HUGE amount of hair. And it’s curly, which makes it seem even bigger. There are few things that can keep my hair in one place.

    I hope your Grippies find their way home ASAP.

    • Dear Madame,
      At least mine isn’t curly!!!
      But it’s very prone to tangles.
      I had to buy more.
      But for the life of me, I really don’t know where they all could have disappeared to!
      Love, Lis

  2. I know what you mean, Lis! I have ridiculously long hair, mostly because (unlike you) I can’t be bothered to do anything about it! I’d ask the dog…or the cat…in my experience, one of them did it!

    Goody has another really terrific product for holding up long hair: it’s a pair of corkscrew-like bobby pins. I no longer set off the metal detectors when I wear my hair up (which is 99% of the time)! Check it out!

    Hope you find your Grippies! lol xoxoM

  3. Hi Lis, I cut my long hair off in January and can’t wait until it grows back. I made a promise to myself, NEVER EVER AGAIN. I can just now get it into a ponytail, but need bobby pins to catch the strays, so I have bobby pins all over the place and would be lost without them.

    I’ll put out an APB right away for those missing grippy’s. Let me know if it works!

    • Dear Sheila,
      I think they are gone for good.
      A girl with crazy, unmanageable hair came in the middle of the night and stole them out of every last hidey-hole I had them in.
      I hope she’s happy.
      I had to buy more!!!
      I couldn’t function!
      And thank you.
      I appreciate help from the law.
      LOve, LIs

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