Damn Fools


My dear lsabel, 
today our sons are leaving home — to defend an England they have never seen. l am unable to stop them. l have tried to shelter our sons from all the madness. And now they go to seek it.

Colonel Ludlow told me:

”Ride with them to Calgary. Bring back the horses. ”

”Damn fools, ” he called them. ”Damn fools. ”

The Colonel would not have his sons ride off to war on old nags.

Damn fools or not.


Dear Susannah,
the horror of this place is indescribable.  Nothing is as l thought. Tonight. as l prayed for the souls of those who ‘ve died so terribly, – l also prayed for personal glory. ls it wrong to want to distinguish myself in combat  as my father did?Tristan and Alfred watch over me, so l may never get the opportunity. Our bodies are in God’s keeping. We go into battle honourably.


Confident. His name on our lips. Susannah, l try to guard against despair, — but at moments it seems all human decency has gone. Alfred will recover from his wounds. He and Tristan have drifted apart. l cannot understand it. l miss you more than you can imagine. You’re all that’s clean and cool and pure. l close my eyes and fix my thoughts on you.

l now regret that we agreed to wait to marry. l regret that we were never together as we planned to be. Please stay on at the ranch and wait for me. Don ‘t let Father worry. God will protect me, aided considerably by Tristan. He seems to have come to France purely to nursemaid me. Be well, my love.
Your own Samuel
Dear Father and Susannah,
l have been discharged, but l cannot come home yet. l’ll join Grandfather Ludlow in Comwall and go to sea. As for our beloved Samuel, all l can send home is his heart. Alfred will bring it back. You know where he should be buried. Up in the box canyon.
Your son, Tristan.

14 thoughts on “Damn Fools

    • Dear B,
      O no!
      I have you on my Immediate!
      I haven’t been notified.
      I blame WP.
      I thought you were kind of quiet!!!
      Sorry, dear girl!
      I love to see your writing.
      I’ll head over pronto!
      Love, Lis

    • Dear B,
      I don’t watch tv.
      It’s got nasty nasty vibes coming from it.
      Unless it’s a movie.
      I love your positivity, so you must not watch much either.
      and I prescribe a Diet Coke.
      or a Latte from Starbucks.

      Love, Lis

  1. You think if I write Ron part of this while he’s gone, he’ll know I stole it from you???
    It’s beautiful, and worth stealing, er I mean, passing along. lol
    I’m a sucker for love letters.

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