My Friends

The girls I’ve loved for many years. This is taken at my wedding. They were my bridesmaids. We were all 18.

Dear Guiedos,
I talked to you both this morning.
After all these years, we've stuck together.
There's no way to tell you, and it seems silly to even try.
Other than, you are my blessings. My sisters that I was not born with.
I love experiencing this lifetime with you, and I'm pretty sure we've been here together before. 

It's the only plausible explanation I have, for something that otherwise would make no sense.
I've only known you for 30- ish years? 
I don't believe it.
Not for a second.
I'm supposed to be a writer, but no words can explain that.
I'm a lucky girl, and I did absolutely nothing to deserve it.
I would say thank you. If only that was enough.

6 thoughts on “My Friends

  1. Ahhh, how nice to have shared memories over so long a time. We all deserve blessings, ALL the time…we just forget and settle for less! I’m not settling, Lis, I’m sticking with you! xoM

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