Three Little Birds

I do not know who this Anne Emond is. But she is a genius of a special kind.

All of these places exist in my mind. How did she know?

For instance, I spend a lot of time soaking in the Falls- of -I -Spend- Too -Much -Time- Online…..thinking about this very thing.  But, blogging is fabulous, and fills me up to the top. So, what to do?

Sometimes, though, this blogging business takes me to the Forest of Delusions of Grandeur. Like yesterday. I hit my all time highest view day. It overwhelmed me, and thrilled me to my very bones.

And then, today, on that little graph that measures all those views…an all time LOW. I got my life jacket strapped on snuggly and hopped in my little kayak.  So that I could ride the Waves of Depression for a while. I wish I could tell you these are uncharted waters for me. Are they for anyone?

But, my little kayak found its way from the wavy waters to The River of Pleasure in the Small Things. This is a good place to hang out. It’s due to my husband’s urging to take our dog for a walk.

I didn’t have Three Little Birds outside my doorstep  telling me everything was gonna be alright, but I DID have the 3  horses that live in the greenest meadow on earth come up to me at the edge of the fence, like they do every morning when I stroll by them on my favorite crunchy gravel road. The walk was a good idea.

And I listened to Deepak Chopra on my iPod. And walked a little farther.  And realized that my workout shoes need replacing.

I’m headed to the Coast. (Refer to map. This is a fun place to go.)

Have an awesome day everyone!

I love Bob Marley. I hope you do, too.

So, does this map resonate with you? Or is it just me and Anne?


16 thoughts on “Three Little Birds

  1. I know where I’ve got lost now! I tried to wander down the river of Pleasure in small things but got distracted by the window displays in Crippling Insecurity-Ville… thanks for showing me the right path x
    I’ve never been to Shame Lake but would love to see who’s hanging out there!

    • dear PJ,
      I’d like to see, too!!!
      p.s. Once I was ashamed, because I made my kids a tasty treat, and ate it all before they came home.
      They saw the pan.
      I was drowning in Shame Lake.
      Love, Lis

  2. It resonates with me also. And I know exactly what you mean when you see the lows on that damned chart on the dashboard, though I expect I have had a great many more than you! Don’t pay any attention to that. You have loyal followers and they are the ones that matter! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself!)

    • Dear Madame,
      I’m in a strange place these last few days.
      It could be that I’m nervous about my little guy.
      It could be that I’m hormonally challenged.
      Or, it could just be that I need a nap, and more sleep at night.
      thank you so much,
      ((((((hugs to you right back)))))))
      Love, LIs,

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