Hit the Road Jack and Don’t Come Back

Dear Weird Blogger Dude,

You are being Lewd

in my comments.


I’ve blacklisted you.

I put your words in the trash where they belong.

So long.

So Shoo!

Shoo I say!

You are weird.

I bet you have a beard.

And not the GQ kind.

You are gross and causing strife.

I feel sorry for your wife.

Do you have nothing else to do?

I suggest you find something, or someone’s gonna SUE

your creepy butt.

Not cool.


The only mistake I made was being nice

and replying twice.




Hit the road Jack

and don’t come back

no more.

Cuz you are twisted and strange,

and I have friends that hang out at the shooting range.


Lisa Carr


17 thoughts on “Hit the Road Jack and Don’t Come Back

  1. It makes you realize that there are some strange and sick people reading what we put out there! But there are also people like you — and people like me who delight in what people like you write!

  2. Next time you can change his {well not his since he is gone forever, but someone like him if it should happen again} comment to ‘you’re the best blogger ever’ then reply as you always do. That should piss them off and hopefully they get the point.

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