A Blogger’s Woe

Well, it’s happened. I finally received a less than cheery comment on one of my more controversial posts. I couldn’t decide whether to allow it to be shown.

My Mom helped me decide to just “let it go”.

So I will.

But ..if she’s reading this. SHE knows whoΒ SHE is.

And she’s not invited to my birthday.


24 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Woe

  1. Remember, It’s your blog and you have the right to your opinion and to whether you accept or delete comments that are hurtful. Debate and abusive comments are two different things. Delete the c**p and move on.

    • Dear Roly,
      Thank you. It wasn’t really so much what she said. It was her rude way of going on my post, and saying..no no no….MY post is better..and providing the link.
      It hit me wrong.
      From the looks of it, she is just starting this whole blog thing….and I don’t think she has a clue that there is actually etiquette involved.
      Truthfully, I just really wanted an excuse to use this picture because it reduced me giggles.

  2. I’d delete any hurtful or mean-spirited comments — no room for that on a nice, welcoming blog. There are more than enough of those for people to leave that negative stuff. Delete, forget and embrace the those of us who enjoy what you have to say! :).

    • Dear B,
      I was just bragging to my friend the other day…that I somehow find the coolest bloggers that I love reading everyday….and that I love having read MY blog everyday.
      You are a great example of that.
      Love, L

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