Trouble Bears

I laughed so hard when I saw this. Not long ago, I told the thrilling story of the time I was lost in the forest. This was during the time when Edward and I, in our college days, would load up our little truck with chips, peaches, and mountain dew, and take off for the mountains in Wyoming.

This particular trip I’m thinking of, we drug along our friends, Matt and Greta. Another couple that you could either find camped out at our place, or feeding us over at their place.

When we got there, there was a lone rusty cowboy kind of man camped out by himself, but he was just getting ready to head back out to civilization.

“I see you folks are gonna do some campin!” he ventures.

We said yes, told him where we were from….all the normal small talk that occurs when meeting somebody for the first time.

Now, whether he was trying to scare us (as in me)..or he was just one of those types that shoots the breeze, or more likely the kind of person that loves to deliver bad news….he goes on to say,

“You folks heard about them Trouble Bears? You know, the ones that have gone a little Cukoo?!” ….seeing that he’s gotten our attention now, he settles slowly into his story. Taking his time, and relishing every juicy detail.

He went on to tell us that in places like Colorado, that are highly populated with bears and people, some bears get bloodthirsty, and mistake tourists for a yummy snack. And those bears, are called Trouble Bears.

His story had been building to a climax. Everyone could feel it. And when he finally got to it, it was like he was revealing the punch line to a really good joke.

“You know what they do with them Trouble Bears?”

We shook our heads. Unsure of what he was getting at; our feet were riveted to the crunchy gravel by invisible shackles.

They bring em OUT HERE!”  he announces, his eyes flashing.

and before we could even really react to his words of doom,  he added,

“And I saw one of em…just out that-a-way!” he pointed toward a setting sunlit valley resting below cool grey mountains.

This blog is getting long. So, I shall continue with the rest of my story later.

I can’t tell you when, because that would require me to be organized.

But stay tuned. It’s pretty exciting.


13 thoughts on “Trouble Bears

    • Dear Hugh,
      Looking over my post…I probably could have fit the whole story into one.
      But …it’s sort of fun to build it up a bit.
      I’m kind of like the old cowboy*:)
      Thank you for reading*

    • Dear Madame,
      Oh thank you!! I’ve been chuckling to myself about your “Old Hag” post.
      I’m going to have to share it on fB*:)
      And yes. That old coot.
      I’d like to tell him a thing or two.
      Thank you for reading *:)))

  1. So did anyone have a scuffle with the Trouble Bears? Where were the Care Bears? Maybe if the TBs were around the CBs, they could be better understood, talk about ther anger. Looking forward to Part 2. 🙂

  2. such a cliff-hanger!!!! I live in Colorado – you need to finish this story!! 🙂 we just find bears to be hungry and break into trash cans…but your story sounds much more interesting! looking forward to the sequel.

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