Vivan Maier

It’s raining Artists. It has to be….because I can hardly believe my good fortune at finding these gems. I’d like to introduce you to Vivian Maier, if you don’t already know her. She was independent, liberal, out spoken, and the three children she nannied ended up caring for her in the last few years of her lifetime.

A lucky thriftshop find, her photos and negatives were discovered.


I love wondering what she thinking when she captured each shot. If you hover over them you can see that I captioned each picture, and I really hope….wherever she is..that she doesn’t mind.

One by Apocalyptica


6 thoughts on “Vivan Maier

      • Oh trust me, I’m no art expert either, I just happen to know about Berenice Abbott. She was a photographer who took photos of New York during the 30s and 40s. Looks a lot like Vivian Maier’s photos. And the WPA was a program during WWII and a lot of American photographers documented daily life in different parts of the country. If you’re ever bored and feel like Googling them, I’m sure there’s a zillion sites about both of them. 😀

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