Into the Mystic

 I got it! Thank you Brigitte
Press below to hear Van Morrison say it perfectly*
 We were born before the wind

  Also younger than the sun

Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic
I have more pictures. This is gonna have to be a two post 
kinda trip. I don't even care. I got Van Morrison ON my blog.
Brigitte emailed me...*4* help me out. UN-precendented.
She has restored my faith in humanity, if not in WordPress.
P.S. Please go check out her blog. Tell her I sent you.
She's an awesome writer, and has wonderful tips on how to be a writer.
A real one. As opposed to just a really good Facebook Status Maker-
Upper. :)

7 thoughts on “Into the Mystic

  1. Lisa, you are so nice. It’s easy to be nice when I get that in return. LOVE THIS POST. Love Van Morrison — oh my, this song is making my day and you’re so very nice to give me some kudos, lady. You rock and so does this. Be well, friend. :).

    • Dear Brigitte,
      I just posted this on my facebook page, with the title>>Nice people really dooooooo exist:))
      Now that I can do it, I’m gonna be so obnoxious!!
      Songs, songs, songs!!!!
      Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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