Crazy Love

I’m officially obnoxious now. I know. Just do it anyway. PLEASE*

So…my house was empty. I was gone. And I came home to a dashboard full of love.

I’ve come to rely on a few bloggers out there. That show up, even when I’m not writing everyday. I always smile when I see them, because it feels like my post isn’t really a post..until they’ve LIKED it. Or commented.

I read their words, and catch up on their blogs… and I feel like I’m home again.

So huge. Big time huge. Massive Hugeness.

I love em. They are the ones I know will show up on my blogs on a daily basis..even on ranting and long-winded days. Or put up with excessive emails from me, when my blondeness is really showing.

And it’s crazy.

They make me want to keep trying to do this whole thing better.

And if I was ever in a bar fight….I’m pretty sure these people would stand behind me. Or at least sneak me something sharp and pointy to attack the other guy with.

They have awesome blogs…which goes without saying*

Thank you!! Merci! Gracias! Danke Schoen!!

For Real♥

Dumb Workers…my Aussie friend from down under that can make me laugh like no other. ♥

Comedy in Crisis…my Roly friend..who could turn any bad day around.♥

News of the Times….my smart friend..who makes me THINK. Which is good. ♥

Notes From a She-Hermit…my English Dotty friend. Who is just f***ing  perfect.♥

Brigitte’s Banter…my helpful, for no good reason other than she’s awesome friend, who’s kind of famous.♥

Ginger Fight Back…my lovely friend..that surprises me everyday with delightful posts.♥

Serenity in the City…my NY  Margarita friend, who always take time to talk. And captures the most amazing images.♥

The Right Profile Images…my Picture-Taking- Wonder friend. Always Lovely.♥

Bucket List Publications….my Lesley Carter friend. Who introduced me to Flogging Molly….and is just plain cool.♥

I don’t really give out awards. But if I did…these folks would be recipients. It could be the Lisa Carr Crazy Love Blogging Award. I kind of like that.


17 thoughts on “Crazy Love

  1. What you give out, comes back. That’s why people come to your place. Thanks so much, Lisa. I’m right there with you on the blondness thing. Been doing some of that myself lately. ;). And you’re right, I’d kick a*s if someone was mean to you. Thanks dear one!

  2. Gday Lisa,

    Glad to see I can brighten people’s day with my rare posts. Rare as in sparse…

    BTW I’ve been itching for years for a good fight, its been way to long. Raising a family does that sometimes. So I’d pro’lly push you out of the way (a little harder than gently) and fight myself. Unless its another female, than I’ll pull out the video camera and slip a leg out everynow and then to help you out.


    • Dear Aussie,
      I wasn’t gonna say anything…but..
      DUDE!! You gotta post more. 🙂
      And yes, family has a way of calming us down a bit.
      Which is good, but…a person has to keep up their badass skills too.
      It’s a conundrum.
      See you around!!
      Waiting for your next post!!!

      • Gday Lis

        Yeah-yeah… I know, I know. Your not the first to scold me for the lack of posts. I get about 3 emails a day telling me I need to post more.

        Here’s my dilemma… I can’t post about events IN my current job, also never mention the name of any previous company. Though outside my job I can, but unfortunately (depending how you look at it) people are thinking, which reduces my chances of taking advantage of the situation.

        Although I’ve branched out to urban myths, sine great guest bloggers and posted about towns / places relat to my occupation. I’m caught between reading the 212 bloggers on WordPress 6 outside blogs, help manage a zombie preparedness initiative site, writ interviews ( soon reviews) for a knife and quill. Taking up the 3 hours a day I have spare on the internet.

        The extra time I do get is for research of family plans or buying, writing more of my story (which I really need to to update on wordpress) write posts and articles for ZPI and blog. No particular order.

        Though I am unfollowing a few blogs (that really don’t interest me or fire me up). I like who I follow and dont want to unfollow, so until people post less or I skip reading posts, my input will be short supplied.

        Maybe I just need more coffee… Or improve my WPM and type faster. I have a couple posts I need to tidy up and publish but they will be up within the next couple of days. And a new project soon.

        Lucky I got my phone to catch up on comments and emails.


    • Dear Dotty,
      Except for my poor swimming and kayaking kids being a tad freaked out. They had just called off a search for a poor teenager that had drowned in the lake.
      The girl kept swimming around, and yelling, “Mom!! see anything unusual?”

      “No sweetheart.”

      It went like that quite a lot. It turns out, they did find the body, actually right before we got there.

      It added an element of Friday the 13th to the whole thing. Plus, there were fires out there…so that was total drama island, too.

      But the rest of it was heaven.

  3. Awww, Lisa! Thank you! You’re growing on me, too! 🙂 I’ve not been keeping up with my reading, and I’m SOOOOOO glad you brought this to my attention! Gotta check out some of these other places you hang out! xoxoM

  4. How nice are you :-)… thank you for your very kind words and very kind thoughts… glad you like my blog and the feeling is very mutual :-)..keep up the great work and look forward to your next post… Thanks 😉

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