We sing We dance We steal things

I had a good comment from a big time blogger the other day,
about one of my posts. I was instantly flustered. It was
just a beautiful picture that I STOLE...matched with
gorgeous words from one of my favorite authors. That I STOLE.
So, when I received the lovely compliment, I felt like a fraud.
My camera didn't capture that image. My brain didn't create
those lovely words, and put them together in such a way
that all you can do is just stop. And stare at them in wonder.
I have a friend. She came out of the blue, but I swear to you,
our souls knew each other instantly. She reads my mind and heart
like a paperback novel, and she found this for me. And I love her 
for it.

2 thoughts on “We sing We dance We steal things

  1. Coincidence that this was something you needed to hear, when you needed to hear it and that my mind thought of you instantly? Hmmm….me thinks, not. (Even though I really don’t believe in coincidences, only that we are given what we need, regardless of want, when we need it.) Love ya, mama.

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