There’s good naked. And there’s bad naked.

I don’t know why I’m posting this, other than it sent me into such a fit of giggles, I very nearly fell backwards on my swiveling chair and simultaneously almost pee’d my pants.

It was awesome.

I’m not sure what it was that really tickled my funny bone. Is it the oh-so casual look of the guy who appears to be on a stroll, and just happens to have forgotten clothes, paired with the dramatic expression on the kid’s face?

Or that the poor little guy is eye-level with Mr. Winky?

I don’t know. Something caused the no-sound laugh I experienced.

I really think this picture needs a caption. Any creative thinkers out there in the blogosphere?


10 thoughts on “There’s good naked. And there’s bad naked.

  1. Lisa,
    A friend of mine is a runner and attended this event. It is a run benefitting the homeless where people show up in crazy outfits, suits and some in regular clothes. When the gun goes off signifying the start of the race, everyone strips down to nothing or skivies and does the run naked. The clothes are then gathered for the homeless . Apparantly this littke guy was not impressed by this……..or that!


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