Let it Be

Let it Be

This is the entrance to my house. If you want to do it too, you just need an old frame from a 150 year old haunted house in South Dakota. (It’s legit. Trust me.)

And an even older table from an auction..that the owner kept in her kitchen all while her babies where being raised. (Or so I’m told).

Some plants. (They must be hard to kill)

A skull of some creature, probably a deer, that your children so excitedly found on a hike in the hills…(Look Mommy!)

and an old piece of wood painted black with the words Let it Be stenciled on by a fabulous artist. (cough cough ME)

Eat your heart out Nate Berkus.


6 thoughts on “Let it Be

  1. Lisa, love your style and feng shui. You are tickling my funny bone this afternoon so I hope you don’t take this as criticism.

    Let it be … dead? SD: nothing says welcome like dead animal remnants.

    • Dear Sarah,
      As usual you make a compelling argument counselor.

      Hey!! I kinda sounded like a lawyer, too..huh?!

      And yes..yes..I do get the irony. got to admit. We rednecks love our roadkill.

      I couldn’t be offended by you EVER…keep coming. I need funny, insightful commenters like you♥

      Love, Lis

  2. I love that your kids found this and that you have it on display now. Sounds exactly like something my kids would bring me. In fact, we were recently hanging out on a street corner in Small Town, USA, watching a parade go by. I’m in and out of my seat making sure the littles do not get run over my maniacal Shriners driving way too fast in their little vehicles. I return to my lawn chair to discover one of them has found and placed in my seat the dried up, not so clean skull of some disgusting, unidentifiable vermin that they found in our area of the street corner. These are the moments when I might have a smidgin of jealousy that I do not have little girls. Although I tried to channel my inner Mrs. Borchers… I was thoroughly grossed out and did not want to even sit in the chair again. Gotta love being a boymom… THanks for the inspiration. Next time I will look for the art in the dead animal carcas du jour.

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