Dream a Little Dream of Me

I have a confession to make. I spend a LOT of time on Tumblr. A LOT. It was Beautiful Nomad’s fault. I tripped and fell into that blog while innocently pinning away on Pinterest. All the sudden…I was up to my neck wading around these cool blogs where the authors don’t talk. How strange. And unexpectedly fascinating.

So, like a kid that found a secret door in their attic that leads to a magical place…I find myself going back again and again. On this last visit..I found..Dream a Little Dream of Me. This chick is awesome. I seriously need to stop using awesome so much. Totally overuse that word.

Her eclectic playlist with songs from David Ramirez or Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan starts up the second you start looking at her beautiful collage of words, and photography. It makes you feel like you’ve just stepped inside one of the most heart-happy movies your mind could ever create. Full of places you’ve never been, and memories that are so close you could touch them..all mashed together to perfection.

How’d she do that? I tip my raggedy old black baseball hat I got in Mexico which my husband hates to her. Awesome. There I go again.

Being a rather wordy girl, I never guessed just images, photography, and quotes could just pick you up and take you to a different place. A fairytale place where there are no to-do lists, and people you’ve probably ticked off because you can’t stop talking. Even when you knew you should.

If you do what you should, and go get lost in this gorgeous blog…you’ll find words like these..that help you remember yourself.

Yes..Miss Emma Watson said this..or..Hermoine Granger as I know her so well from my beloved Harry Potter movies. Smart little girl.

But please, if you do go visit Miss Perfect Blog…Can you come back? I’m working on the music thing. I promise♥


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