They say some things never change
and maybe I could agree
if I didn't see your face
In my my dreams
you stay the same
And so do I
still only a child
with a small hand that fits
in yours 
So well I can see the smile you saved
for me
And only me 
can hear your whistle that sounded like birdsong.
The sameness is a gift
and it is sadness
Wondering if your hands are still strong
and where I belong in your dreams.
-Lisa Heggen Carr

7 thoughts on “Dad

    • Dear Robyn,
      It seems I can go about my life just fine, and then I hit these spaces of time…where he is on my mind almost constantly.

      It’s where I am right now. And it’s wonderful to remember so many moments with him. But, I also feel sad. You know how it feels.

      Thank you for reading,
      Love, Lis♥

  1. Honey,
    We have so few pics of Dad, and the photo and your beautiful words brought him to me so vividly.
    I can still smell his Brylcream and colone.
    We had a great Dad, you and I.
    Thanks for paying him tribute.

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