It is well with my soul

I had 3 straight days of no cell phone use. I was in Timbuktu, snuggled safely in our camper with 2-3 children at a time. My husband was out on the water, re-enacting A Perfect Storm ( you know, that movie with George Clooney?)My eldest boy sometimes braved the water with him, but other times joined his brother and sister and me. Under the covers, eating popcorn, all while watching Mama Mia and 3:10 to Yuma.

Yes. Everything in my life connects with a movie.

And, it was pretty wonderful. My husband and I talked. About stuff other than our kids. I heard my children’s laughter, and it seemed sweeter somehow. I noticed small things, that I tend to miss while connected to my tiny phone/computer.

And I want to keep with the spirit of that back here. Because I noticed, Pinterest got along just fine without did Facebook…even Ms. B!! ( My blog. I give everything a name.) If you get a few diet cokes in me, I’ll tell you what I named the plants in our house.

So. Less is more is my new motto.

How do you all juggle all the Socialness (I totally made that word up, but I like it ) of our times? How do you strike the balance? Or is it just me that needs Timbuktu every now and again?


12 thoughts on “It is well with my soul

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in my insanity! I not only name things but they have personalities which drive my husband around the bend!
    I love your posts as they always make me smile x

  2. Timbuktu is most necessary to avoid slipping into a silent world of script and socialness while becoming alienated from those we love.

  3. For all the work before, during and after camping…that is what I truly love about it. No clocks counting my time in 6 minute increments. *Fewer distractions. *Simply us. For my boys it is pure joy to say “we are going camping.” And for that joy, I would do most anything. Course I still bring my phone and my data plan is not always out of range. But it is *purposefully* parked in the camper. I have been trying to be purposeful about being unplugged when I am around my kids. They deserve all of me, not just half paying attention, distracted me.

  4. I read this right away, but always have a hard time commenting from my phone. Loved it. Craving some unplugged time myself. Maybe I will just have to decide to do that for an evening. Read a book instead of a blog. What a thought! 🙂

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