Beautiful boy

As the days stretch out
And the sun leaves it’s mark on your nose, that is a perfect likeness of mine
My memories find their way back to a time
When I carried you as a secret
love letter
to dream over and consider
Too soon would others guess
the Story  behind my smile
the Melody in my laughter
the Dance in my step
You summoned the rain
and sweetened it’s perfume
You bewitched the violet hue of the lilacs, and forced their bloom
You composed the music to be sung
by the robins and jays
You crowned Spring
Queen and Ruler  of my Heart
for the rest of my days.
--Lisa Carr

4 thoughts on “Beautiful boy

  1. Lis,
    my post says I posted at 1:59 pm, but it’s only 9am?????????
    p.s. Have a great holiday weekend.

    • Weirdness!!! You guys too!!!♥♥♥
      My blog has a mind of her own. I call her Ms. B.
      I think she was out drinking and celebrating last night. (she was mentioned in a famous blog).
      Sorry about the confusion!!
      🙂 Love, lis

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