That gecko better not try to sell me car insurance

It’s nearly Klaus’ birthday, and his grandparents surprised him with a gecko. Have you ever SEEN a Leopard Gecko? They are snakes with legs. They even hiss. Have I mentioned my fear of the devil’s spawn snakes?

If he ever escapes, life as I know it will be over. Life as ANYONE in this house knows it, will be over. Because I will no longer live here. You will find me with a lovely tight-fitting jacket humming softly to myself, only to break into wild screaming in my sleep. Mostly incoherent, but sometimes if you were to listen hard enough, you might hear..”Geroff me! Noooo! Get that gecko off me!  I know you are the devil in disguise you slimy beast!”

Anyway, back to Klaus receiving his gecko.

Oh the thrill.

 I couldn’t help but notice the green, envious faces of the brother and sister.

Sometimes, I wish I were the kind of parent that thought things out before just spewing  words into the universe willy nilly.

  Violet: O man! Klaus is so lucky! I really want a gecko too!!

Me: You have fish, my darling girl. ONE pet per kid. Man I’m good.

Pausing right here to bask in my wonderful, quick wit.

  Was really enjoying the basking, until……

Sunny: Hey! I want a gecko too!

Oops. Abort mission. Abort. Find a new tactic.

Think!! say something before it’s–  

Sunny: And I have exactly..(pausing to look down at fingers and count).. ZERO Pets!

Big triumphant smile from Sunny right here.

Too late.

If you’d like to contribute to my reptile therapy sessions, please message me, and I will get my address to you. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “That gecko better not try to sell me car insurance

  1. I lived in Sicily for a while, and every now and then a gecko would get into the house. I’d spot it hanging out on the wall, up near the ceiling, with the two cats gazing up at it hungrily. They are VERY hard to catch.

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