Regrets, I’ve had a few.

My name is Lisa. I waste several hours a week creating my own little fairytale life, one pin at a time, on the computer. I am a Pinaholic.  I love Pinterest more than anything. Well, not more than my dear Edward and kids, but sometimes when they are being naughty, I do escape from them. To  ooooh and ahhhhhh over all sorts of lovely images that leave me feeling  hungry for Brussel sprouts, and motivated to work out. Simultaneously, in the back of my mind, thoughts race wild, urging me to raid my husband’s workbench to whip up a cute garden shed for our back yard.  It’s a good thing.

Or is it?

This is a barn wedding. How cool is that? I’ve had a wedding. It was in a normal, boring church. My days of dreaming of barn weddings are long since passed. Sniff.

And then, I found this:

For any of you old fogies like me, that may not realize what this is…it’s a REVEAL party. You have it, and REVEAL to your anxious party-goers what the large bump in your belly is actually going to be. I have three kids. We called people on the phone. How boring.

It’s too late now. And to add insult to injury, not only could I not wed in a totally cool shabby chic country barn because no one had thought of that one yet, or  blow people’s minds by making them wait for me to have a PARTY to tell em just exactly what color of baby blanket to knit my new little bundle of joy…I couldn’t even think of this amazing way (Lotte time Lapse) to show the passing of time in my children’s lives. They aren’t exactly off to college yet or anything, but I can’t do this!  Do I have no imagination?? Evidently not.

This awesome Dad video taped  his  little girl from birth, once a week…up to age 12. Then he made the film go superfast. I was mesmerized. I felt a tear trickling down my cheek.  Then I was ticked. I could have totally done this! Blast.

Dear Pinterest, you vex me. See you tomorrow.


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