Bohemian Rhapsody Car Ride to School

I grew up in a crazy house. What I mean by that, is wonderful. I had a Dad, who when the spirit moved him,and a good song came on over our stereo…would grab my Mother, usually in the middle of cooking, or cleaning; and drag her into the middle of our living room. She would be protesting, and  rolling her eyes, but there was always the hint of a smile playing at the edge of her lips. Our shaggy green carpet would melt away as Dad led Mom gracefully around the room, moving to the music. They always captured my attention. Both of them very tall, and having danced together many years, I thought of them like movie stars cleverly disguised as my parents.

There was a lot of music in my house, and I’ve always been grateful for that. I had three older sisters. The music from the 70’s can still take me back to our house where I can see them putting on tons of blue eye shadow…and singing

Sweet Caroline, (ba dum dum dum)  good times never seemed so good. (Neil Diamond) or Lucy in the skyyyyy with diamonds (Beatles)

 Old country songs were a constant, like this one from Tom T. Hall:

 I love honest open smiles, kisses from a child, tomatoes on the vine, and onions.

 I love winners when they cry, losers when they try, music when it’s good, and life.

 And I love you too.

All that music was a like the background of my own life movie. And I sincerely adore that I was brought up not to be embarrassed when I felt like belting out one of my favorite parts. In fact, it was encouraged. Childhood doesn’t get much better.

Pay attention to the baby. Holy Cannoli..he KNOWS the words!!!

 And so, when I saw this video, I had to share it. This Dad is taking his kids to school.  This is their morning ritual. If you can’t feel happy at watching this display of clear joy, I fear you may be dead inside, and there’s no hope for you whatsoever. I can only give you the link, because apparently my blog isn’t fancy enough to just put the YouTube of this cool family directly on my post. But, I can’t complain, as it is…FREE. So, happy happy day to you all, and sit down for a second, get your coffee, or diet coke, or vodka…and watch Bohemian Rhapsody Car Ride to School. Or you’ll have a rotten day. Or at least a severely less happy of a day. Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fandango?!


6 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody Car Ride to School

  1. Have you checked your e-mail?
    I sent you a u-tube of a 2 yr old singing and dancing who reminded me of your last born.

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