Sittin on the dock of the bay.

I actually have some followers. This goes under the heading…….Unexplained  Phenomena. While I don’t prefer to turn cartwheels just to get oohs and ahhhhhs…and rather I cart-wheel because I love’s the same with my blog. When I’m writing..I’m a happy camper. So I really should just be doing it for that, and that alone. But I cannot tell a lie.


Which is sometimes a big problem, like holidays with surprise presents and during tooth fairy time  for my children. I love getting feedback, and as I told one of my friends that is awesome at encouraging me… I seem to need more than the average girl. So..even though I can’t take time to write everything I would love to tell you right now, about Project Give, my epiphany about blogging, and how I’ve confirmed that one of my friends was indeed Type A bloodtype,  I KNEW it!!!!..I can’t. I’m rushin today. BUT..I don’t want my fantastical followers to be stuck looking at the same page….so: I give you this little guy.

He's pretty stinkin cute. I'm not sure why, but he makes me feel peaceful, less rushed. In my mind..he's Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows...and he's contemplating how his life went awry when he started driving.

There’s actually a video on youtube. It’s kind of fun too. I’m really not sittin on the dock of the bay..wasting time..I assure you. I have a lot to tell you, very soon. Until then..:)

p.s. If you watch this video…I want your reaction. But you can only use one word. GO!


6 thoughts on “Sittin on the dock of the bay.

  1. scared (because I could not relax while watching it because I was waiting it for it to leap, lick or make the camera person scream in some form.

    • hahahhaaha!!! I know! It is rather anti clamatic!!! But I couldn’t help but love it♥ Thanks for watching♥

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