Day 9..a day late.

The Essential Simon and Garfunkel

I grew up listening to these dudes belting out tunes from my older sisters' bedrooms.

Yesterday I gave myself a gift…and it was the sound..of silence. I just sang that last part. Thank you Simon and Garfunkle for an awesome song. When I first committed to  the 29 days of giving project, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to come up with something everyday. Or at least something more than…I made my family dinner. Ta-dah! But, it seems I am in a vortex of grace right now. Inklings for giving are  popping into my head, and almost better than that..I have a conviction and sureness of choice once I grab onto a thought floating by like brightly colored balloons with long strings.

When I started texting, I was in pure heaven. It was Junior High and High School all over again, where  I reigned as  Note-Writing Queen. If I had put even a quarter of the energy  I invested  into my little word/picture combinations on lined notebook paper …I woulda been chosen  Valedictorian….and not just most creative dresser.  Texting.  The idea of instant messaging my busy working friend  while she was in a boring meeting…with something really funny…or innappropriate? Absolutely  priceless.  I relished the thought of her noticing her phone vibrating in her bag.  Looking down at her cell phone while trying  paying attention to some windbag in a suit..and seeing…

..Someone told me you sound like an Owl Her  reply: what?  Who? ……BAhahahhahaaa!!!!  Ok Lis. Very funny. In a meeting here. I KNOW!!! ahahahhahahaaaa!!!! Get it? Whooooooooooo???

But, as fun as my little mini pico telofino ( I did Rosetta Stone for Italian. Sorry about that) is, I decided I needed to take a break from my turbulent mind that goes something like this: ok…I need to do laundry. Kids have no underwear. BEEP! O look! a text! Ouch! I just burned my tongue on that coffee. I better do a Facebook status about THAT. RingRing!! Hello? Me busy?? Never! how are YOU??

And I have to say, after a couple of hours of finding myself going for my phone, only to realize I had hidden it..I experienced a blissful and zenlike afternoon.  I don’t want to do it everyday, though. I had to fight the urge to commandeer the lady’s phone at the drug store…and update my fB status to..In stillness….I find my true self-DeepakChopra



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