Day 10! Big fat hen!

Cover of "Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Sag...

I fall madly in love with fictional characters.

Wonky title eh? Sorry bout that.  Surrounded by little people, I am constantly singing or hearing…1, 2, buckle my shoe! 3, 4, shut the door! 5, 6, pick up sticks! 7, 8, lay them straight! 9, 10 , BIG FAT HEN! I have a lotta words that I can’t say without the others. Very funny Easter Bunny…..HI HO cheerio…Fine and Dandy cotton candy..easy peasy lemon squeezy.  It’s an occupational hazard of being a Mom/Substitute Preschool Teacher. I’m in a bit of sillier-than-normal mood today. And I owe it all to my gift for the day. Creating it was Solid Bliss on a stick. Knowing it is being delivered in the next day or two creates excitement for me much like my anticipation I have for the final Twilight Movie..Breaking Dawn part 2. As some of my more loyal (and awesome, sexy, fantastical) readers know, my husband bears a striking resemblance to Edward, the 100-year-old vegetarian vampire that has a special likeness for Claire Delune and fast cars. Anyway, where am I? I drifted off a bit there.

O yes. My gift for today. My dear, sweet friend of many years, fellow Mommy who was in the trenches with me of sleepless nights, non-pacifier taking babies, dirty diapers up the yin yang and sore nipples turned numb nipples due to non-pacifier taking babies. She called me with news of her now teenage son who I will be referring to from this point on as Dangerboy  falling in a climbing accident from several feet above. He shattered a great number of  vertebrae in his back, as well as breaking his leg. By the grace of God, his free fall was broken by a ledge, and he landed  in such a way that he will eventually be just fine. As she has said, he has a long road of healing ahead of him though, and I wanted to send a care package across our wide open state to show how much we love and support them. Here’s where the fun came in.

Being a HUGE Seinfeld fan, I recalled the scene where Elaine hears of her boyfriend being in an accident, but stops off quick to get some jujyfruit. So, I got the biggest box I could find, and wrote to young Dangerboy that I was on my way to see him at the hospital, but I had to stop off for jujyfruits first. ahhhh the cleverness of me. Nevermind that none of this will make sense to him. A detail.  The other scene involves Kramer, eating Junior Mints as he and Jerry watch a surgery  from above in the Observation Balcony.  As the patient is cut open from naval to chest, Kramer accidentally catapults a junior mint straight into the depths of the incision. The doctor is puzzled with this man’s complete recovery. Kramer and Jerry are the only ones who know the truth: Junior Mints.

So, of course, I had to include some of those. But, being a bit of a wanna be health nut myself, I thought some Carrot Chips were in order as well. I mean, the boy’s got some healing to do.  I had fun writing all over the candies, cards and Carrot chip bags. And ended up sending the whole kit n caboodle in the Carrot Chip box. Which I found hilarious, and evidently so did the worker at the post office. And let me tell you, it’s not easy to make that guy smile. I just hope it makes Dangerboy smile. He may not get all the Seinfeld references. That’s ok. It’s sugar and chocolate…carrot chips…and love.

And it was my gift that has left a permanent smile on MY face. I think Mballi may be right when she says that the energy of giving builds over the 29 days. I will write a post soon about how much grace has boomerangd back to me. If you are thinking you’d like to get in on this’s not too late. I’ll meet you wherever you are in your journey. Feel free to post your gifts everyday here. I guarantee you will inspire others and your giving will be as contagious as the chicken pox. Which are very contagious indeed  as I found out when I was in the 8th grade. I’ll probably tell that story at some point. It was very traumatic. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Day 10! Big fat hen!

  1. Hahaha! He will love it! And watching Seinfeld right now! The one about the sable hat where Elaine travels to Burmese and the Kenny Rogers chicken red light. Mr. Marbles???!?!?

    • Even if you stole my husband, threw rotten eggs at my mini van…or wrote an embarassing expose on my in your local newspaper,I would always love you. We have the Seinfeld connection. I cannot be broken. xoxox

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