Day 7

We live in a ranch style home with a walkout basement. But I'm going for more of this look. What do you think?

I’m finally sitting down for a second to relish an iced soy latte..and to relieve my poor calf muscles,  that at the moment feel as though they’ve been hooked up to some midevil  torture device. I’ve been standing on a ladder, perched precariously with a trowel and a lovely substance called Plaster Tex. My walls are getting stoned today. As in given a stony, old castle look.

This is a project that I started about 6 months ago a little while back, and as much as I love doing it….once I had finished one wall, some of the passion I had for getting the whole thing done faded. Cuz I could see how it was gonna turn out. Very cool! And once that little mystery was solved, I was on to bigger and better things like Pinterest and blogging.

Much to my husband, Edward’s dismay.

He is logical, orderly, and one of the hardest workers I have ever known in my lifetime. I’ve often thought that the phrase…Rome wasn’t built in a day ..would never have been uttered had my  husband been alive back then. So, I’m quite sure my takin-my-own-sweet-time approach has been a difficult thing to bear.  But bless his heart, he hasn’t had much to say. Although I do think I may have detected  some exasperated sighs coming from the general direction of  the under construction zone. Not to mention the eye rolling. There’s been plenty of that when a child innocently asks..Mom,  why is there still painters tape above the window?  There’s a grace period to having furniture pulled to the middle of the room, and electrical covers hanging haphazardly off the wall.  And I think mine has expired. Like Cousin Eddy says in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… If that thing had 9 lives, it just spent em all! Whoo! I’m startin to feel like the fried kitty cat…stuck to the  bottom of a once lovely recliner.

Merry Christmas! *hitter was full!

Which brings me to my gift today. I’m giving the gift of anti-procastination to my family, but mostly  to my husband. I’d wager his blood pressure will go down a few notches, and there will be a more peaceful and zen look about him when he discovers that I’ve put the wheels back in motion. Not to mention  the fact that it actually makes me feel good too. I swear those walls have been taunting me every time I pass them by….what? you wanna piece of me?? You wouldn’t believe the other rude and callous things they say.  I would give em a piece of my mind, but that might qualify me as Completely Wacko…and earn me a one way ticket to the Funny Farm.


8 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. You do know that Funny Farm was another pretty comical movie that Chevy Chase did, right? Or was that just luck on your part? You should post a pic of those walls when finished if it doesn’t violate your family confidentiality clause. 🙂

  2. i am a bit behind on sharing my giving adventures with you lisa…on day 5, well, um…I can’t actually share that one…because of my own family confidentiality clause, but rest assured day 5 is checked off my list 🙂

    day 6 (yesterday): last night i went to make my husband’s lunch for work Monday, which is something i started doing for him a few years back. it was around the time his older brother had a mild heart attack (in his early 30s!) and i realized that i had been watching as my husband took frozen burritos to work with him for lunch and other assorted junk each day for years. so one day i packed him a healthy lunch. nothing fancy, just a sandwich, fresh veges with dip, some cheese or fruit would go in and sometimes a little dessert. he liked it so much that i started making him his lunch everyday. this is going to sound rather 1950s throwback-ish, but he works so hard to provide for us so that i can be home with our kids and i realized that it was the least i could do to make his day and health a little better. as time has gone on i will admit that i have started to feel like this was an annoying chore at times (especially when i would forget to do it until i was tired and ready for bed). well, last night i decided to put love into that simple lunch i made him like i did in when i 1st started doing it…instead of grumbling to myself about all the things i do that no one appreciates, i was thankful for all the things he does and thankful that i have a husband to make lunch for at all. i also included a little note for him which is something he leaves me from time to time in the early mornings when he leaves for work before i am even awake. i must say that this giving was a gift for me too! 🙂

    and today, day 7: i am sharing some baked goods with a neighbor.

    • I lOVE LOVE LOVE this post Angie dear!! I laughed and smiled my way through it. You’ve hit the nail on the head so many times. Where to start??? I love that you decided to give your boy the gift of healthy food. I love that you realized the energy that you are putting INTO the food actually matters. We do not pay enough attention to our energy, because we can’t see it! But we can all feel it. And I know J can feel your love. Love in every bite!! The note…WOW. I love that too. A handwritten note in this day and age of TEXT messaging and gmail…Priceless. I am in total admiration of the way you have just taken this project…and Sprinted with it!! I love love love who you are my dear friend:)xx

    • Angela,
      Hey!! I was going to use that one – the one you can’t share – too, but I procrastinated, as usual on reading the “rating system” in the rules.
      G-rated, but we can allude to R-rated as long as it is done tastefully?
      You did it very well.
      (And if you did it right, a gift for BOTH of you.) haha

  3. Christmas Vacation!!!
    Our family tradition of watching every year while we decorate our tree is set in stone.
    We know so many of the lines by heart, everyone is saying them together drowning out the TV, and the giggles and laughter that result will be in my memory forever.
    Thanks for reminding me that the good times and laughter in a family can overcome a lot of the not so good.
    Love ya hun.

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