DiY happyness …the final frontier

True happyness: the final frontier? I just said  that in the voice of Captain  Kirk. I kinda think so. We’ve figured out alot of things..but Happyness proves to be the one thing we don’t have down to a science.  Yesterday’s post, 29 gifts, linked giving.  At first, that probably seems a tad backward. But the farther down the lane I get on this, it seems like Zac Brown might really be right when he says..You get what you give . if you don’t know Zac Brown, he’s a really cool dude that usually wears a stocking cap and was just livin life..and doin his thing  till Jimmy Buffett discovered him. He writes  songs about lovin his chicken fried, cold beer on Friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit just right. This guy’s got it figured out.

 It must be said…I am no expert. I have spent my share of dark days holed  up in my mini van on a dirt road consuming diet coke straight up. But…I have some tried and true tricks that get me back into the sun. I call my Mom. I go workout. Or I listen to  Zac sing about fried chicken.  And I have one more trick up my sleeve. Her name is Mary, and  you can find her at  She is my dear friend that wears many hats…all of them fabulous. Mary has mastered the art of mothering, life coaching, and ceremony planning. I will be talking about her a lot in my posts, because her gentle guidance in my life has been one of the most beautiful gems of grace I’ve ever been given.

Not long after I began  talking  with Mary, I quickly learned that I would be doing homework. If I wanted things in my life to change, I couldn’t just sit around and talk about the problems. That’s certainly part of what I had to do initially. But with Mary….there was no dwelling. There was talking..identifying..and then homework. But no dwelling. This is what I love about the whole business of life coaching. It’s exactly that. Someone coaching you through a difficult problem….helping you to learn how to fix it for yourself.

My first assignment was to keep a gratitude journal. Every night, I had to write down a number of things I was grateful for. When I first started, it seemed hard. I had gratitude block.  Cuz I was being a spoiled brat I was in that place..where all I could see was the unpleasant stuff. But, I stuck with it, because all I knew was…there was something about Mary.  by the way..Something about Mary  is also a really awesome movie..but has nothing to do with this post   I wanted what she had. Her face glowed. She seemed to handle every little hardship in her life with ease and skill. I was inspired by the way she treasured and respected her children as individual people,  and couldn’t help but notice the deep friendship  she shared with her husband. I watched in wonder as she created TWO thriving businesses…both as imaginative and wonderful as one could imagine.

And as I kept to my homework…I started noticing more things throughout the be grateful for. Pretty soon, I was writing in the margins. One page a day could not contain all the things I was thankful for. My gaze had shifted from seeing all the wrong…to noticing all the beautiful. It was always there, I just couldn’t…wouldn’t…didn’t…see it. recap: Keys to happyness

  • Untangling stressful thoughts with  Byron Katie’s questions
  • Giving to others
  • Staying in the present moment
  • Being grateful for what you have, and taking notes
  • Contact my friend Mary Maisey Ireland ( THAT would be a gift to YOURSELF)
  • Listening to Zac sing about  cheat meals on a Friday night

I’ll leave you with this quote from Meister Eckhart: If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.


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