Stay right here

Stay right here

It’s as though my brain was busy last night working on  today’s DIY for happyness. Kinda like the little shoemaking elves…except without the cool boots.  It’s so simple, but it will be the hardest one of them all. Stay in this moment. This one happening now. Don’t go back to yesterday, when you accidentally sent that text to your boss..that was meant for your husband, calling him Schmoopy and telling him what you were wearing.  Don’t fast forward to tomorrow, when you promised to sing karaoke at your friend’s son’s bar mitzvah. Stay right here. Because right here is good. You don’t want to suck all the goodness from right now with…..

  •  stuff that has already happened
  •  stuff that is yet to happen
  •  or my specialty and personal favorite… worrying about stuff that probably will never come to pass

Maybe it’s not hard for everyone else. But for me, it’s harder than my freshman  year in college when I decided to take.. Algebra for people majoring in rocket science, because it fit in better with my schedule than  Math for people majoring in elementary education. I have to constantly keep bringing myself back to right now. But, the days that I stay mindful of this, and don’t let my wandering brain go too far, I experience absolute bliss.

P.S.  I wrote all of this before coffee. Which should win some sort of award, or at least a gold star. And in case you are wondering, that Algebra class, the one I took so that I could keep to my goal of all classes done by noonnearly killed my tutor..who happened to be my poor unfortunate husband. But why dwell in the past. See how great this staying in the moment thing is??


3 thoughts on “Stay right here

  1. Lisa — Your posts make me laugh. Your voice is so YOU! So authentic, so right out of your head. I think you’ve found another one of your callings!

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