Blood Type Teller

Well dear readers, the jig is up. Today you will know the truth about me, and that my middle name should really be Random instead of Ann. Up until this point, a person reading my posts could see a sort of progression. I’ve gone over who I am, ( a vampire if you count like I do) pssst! the vampire bit would make more sense if you read Job Application, where I talk about adding up years of experiences and figuring that into my age.  I’m like a 169 or something. I’ve covered my philosophy in life about creating something I can call mine and given readers a glimpse of how most of my head is full of lines from movies.  And how I shamelessly pilfer them with wreckless abandon. Yesterday I explained where I came up with my blog name, Carr party of five. This is where all logic and reason ends. It was fun while it lasted.

I feel it only fair to let you know what you’ll be getting yourself into. If you like your world orderly, and to make sense, you may want to turn around right HERE. Read no further. Do you describe yourself as organized,  make sure your socks always match, and write important dates on your calendar? This blog may not be for you. There are plenty of other blogs out there that are completely logical, and will not make you feel like Sunday morning in church after a wild night of Bingo.  My posts will do more twists than Chubby Checkers.  Like today. I would love to write about my new obsession, eating based on your blood type. And how…if you tell me your personality, I’d  bet my brand new monster jar of Nutella,  I could make a good guess what your blood type is. (  I’m working on making this skill translate into mucho deniro. Look for me at a carnival near you) But if I write about that, it will lead me to the fact that the lovely lady that hypnotizes me once a week gave me the blood type book. And then I’d start telling you all about THAT experience and how it’s confirmed in my mind that we create our own reality….and how I now associate Doritos and chocolate with the smell of vomit. Just kidding.

Which would lead me into a rat’s nest of  religion, multiple lives, and the Brazilian Butt Lift. (you didn’t see that last one coming, did ya?) Welcome to the inner sanctum of Lisa Random Carr. Now..tell me a little about yourself, and I will reveal your blood type. (Imagine me saying that in a gypsy makes it cooler).

6 thoughts on “Blood Type Teller

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just love you. And since I am a calendar-writer/sock-matcher, I will do my best not to get too twitchy. 🙂

    So you already know me pretty well. What’s my blood type?

  2. Unless I’m very much mistaken my dear….you would fall into the blood type B very well. I quote: “The best way I can describe the B is someone who’s highly practical yet who has one foot firmly planted in the spiritual world as well. These individuals seem to straddle the corporeal and transcendent worlds, melding them to bring a unique perspective to life. Unlike A’s..(uh hum…ME)..who tend to be more artsy or dreamlike in their spirituality, B’s have a down to earth way about them. Part of this is their need for order. “..Dr. James. L. D’Adamo from his book ….Just an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

  3. I try at times to be organized and find out quickly that it much to stressful for me and I fail miserably at it. I love very simple everyday life experiences, I too can not seem to focus just on one thing, my mind goes to fast but I’m affraid my mouth actully seems to move faster at times;) I’m a little shy at first until I get to know you, then whatch out!! thats when the “cant keep my mouth quiet part” comes out. I love the outdoors running, canoeing, biking, camping, going to the lake with my kids, patio parties, bean bag toss with some cold ones, and at times I think I can be artistic but then my kids inform me I should just leave that part to them. I enjoy really all foods but without the sweettooth, don’t get my wrong! I do enjoy a snicker bar occasionally and I am a fan of diet coke, but my tastebuds really go for all the nuaghty fried foods and cold beer with cheddar pretils. Thats just a bit about me and my life, I am interested to see how this turns out;) and your right! it was waayyyyy cooler in a gypsy accent;))

  4. Now, for you my dearest Dawn:)…(I’m continuing to talk gypsy right here..use your imagination. :)) Your down to earth style..makes me think my friend Lorri. But..I’d have to say you are a very rare AB. Your accept everyone as they are, and go with the flow makes me think this:) “It’s because of their sense of balance, not just in body but also in mind, that I believe AB individuals hold the fate of the human race in their blood. They have within them, not the apocalyptic notion and sad demise of the world, but the sense of peace and nonviolence that can help all of us move into an era of positive transformation”….Dr. D’Adamo in his book, Just an Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure And just so you know…if you really do turn out to be AB..I will be viciously jealous and may act a little miffed the next time I see you. AB’s are the rockstars of bloodtypes. Lucky devils. 🙂

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