Job Application

I haven’t filled out a job application in a long time. But, if I had to prove my worth for this “Blogging gig'”….I would say this: I have 40 years of experience being a daughter to the most wise and wonderful Mom.I have only eight years of being a sidekick to the world’s most patient Daddy. I have 40 years experience of being the little sister to three girls that share my past. I have 37 years of experience being a friend to so many people  that let me be a part of their lives.  I have nearly 22 years of experience being a wife to the boy I have loved since I first saw him at age 14. I have 18 years of experience teaching children. I have 12 years of experience of being a mom. Which in the end, is all I ever really wanted to be. I’m not great at Math, but I think that adds up to 169. Which sort of makes me a vampire, except that I crave Diet Coke instead of blood. Anyway, it seems like more than enough experience to be writing about. At least for now.


9 thoughts on “Job Application

  1. I have to say- I’m not sure anyone was more destined to have mom as their full time job more than you!!

  2. Lisa, you have grown into such an amazing, awesome person!!! I just love you!!! You really do ROCK like Karrissa said:)

  3. I feel a bit strange to be reading and commenting on this unofficially girls only blog. But come to think of it I would say that I had more girls as friends in HS than guys so maybe that’s the reason it doesn’t matter to me that much. I do enjoy reading your refreshing randomness. In no way am I an organization freak but you make me feel like I still have a shot. Haha. Keep up the good work.

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